Under the Canopy Survival


Under the Canopy Cornwall are a unique, dynamic, outdoor adventure company, bringing years of experience, all over the globe, to this years Rock Oyster, in the form of their 4 man festival team.

Expect excitement, challenges, bangs, smoke, and shed loads of fun with a series of practical, hands-on, outdoor workshops specially designed for the younger crew.

Never one to disappoint the next generation of adventurers, learn skills from the very best, patient, passionate, hilarious, encouraging instructors.

Ignition: dynamic fire lighting, electrical, friction, chemical, and explosive results.. start, maintain, utilize and then see who can create the smokiest rescue fire, but pressures on, the clock is ticking.

Take Cover: build and waterproof a shelter using the materials you can forage and scavenge, cam yourself out and take cover, first from the impending rainstorm and then the hunters, can you escape, thrive, and survive?

Combat club: targets will fall when hit: welcome to the commando combat club: where axes are drawn, pump-action paintballs are ‘pumped’, arrows sail and the click of the safety catch gives you away…

Rock oyster ultimate challenge

Run jump and scramble your way around our custom-built course. Ignore the mud, and the burning muscles and get the best time you can, but wait, are you still mentally switched on? It counts…


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