Thuy Diem Pham

Thuy Diem Pham, the chef behind The Little Viet Kitchen in Islington, brings authentic Vietnamese flavors to London. Raised in southern Vietnam, her culinary inspiration comes from childhood memories of vibrant markets and street food.

Now a prominent figure in London’s food scene, Thuy, along with her husband Dave, created The Little Viet Kitchen—a fusion of restaurant precision and homely comfort. Her dishes focus on showcasing the natural textures and flavors of organic ingredients, providing a genuine taste of Vietnamese cuisine.

Beyond the kitchen, Thuy shares her culinary expertise through hands-on demonstrations and classes. Her debut cookbook, “The Little Viet Kitchen,” achieved remarkable success, topping Amazon charts for Asian cookbooks in the UK, Germany, and the US, reaching global audiences.

In addition to her culinary ventures, Thuy launched “The Vietnamese Larder” brand, featuring the Chilli & Lemongrass Sauce—a family recipe embodying the authentic taste of Vietnam. Passionate about introducing Vietnamese cuisine to diverse markets, Thuy Diem Pham continues to leave her mark in the culinary world.