The Secret Garden Fashion Show


Date: Sat Jul 30th

After galloping through the fields dressed as lobster gangs, octopi and mermen last year, this year’s fashion show returns inspired by our love for the beautifully British garden.   

With a special place in our hearts over the pandemic, but always a space for regeneration and family coming together (like Francis Hodgson Burnett’s twentieth century classic ‘The Secret Garden’ suggests).  Be it out the back door, or down the road in our treasured parks and green spaces, the garden brings us the joy of summer bees, spring flowers, winter spiders and autumnal brigade!   

Daisy chain headdresses, carrot onesies, Bill & Ben the Flower Pot Men all welcome! Bring your imagination and join the outfit making workshop with Hotch Potch Performance in the Jellyfish Tent on Saturday at 12pm and be part of the procession to the Oyster Stage for 2.30pm where our very own Mischief the Mermaid will reward the best dressed!