Spa Morvoren Massages & Facials


Spa Morvoren Massage – £60 for 45 minutes 

Wired and tired? Achy and sore? Or simply in need of some expert therapy?  Choose on the day between a Shoulder Squeeze, Dancing Feet, Headliner or your own tailored treatment. 

Our therapies draw from ancient wisdom to help you to achieve your desired state. Weaving together Swedish massage, deep tissue, remedial, Ayurveda, pressure points… whilst focussing on the special attention you need.   

Delivered under canvas from our beautiful wellbeing field, up the hill and away from the humdrum.  Spa Morvoren is a home from home to honour you that bit of calm or a little pick-me up so you can feel festival ready again.  

The Shoulder Squeeze 

Back, neck and shoulders, a freestyle, intuitive massage to soothe muscles, ease away niggles and knots.  

Dancing Feet  

Loosen up and invigorate your whole body with a foot and lower leg massage inspired by reflexology, designed to keep you dancing.  


Head, hands and arms massage using Indian Head techniques, feel amazing and lighter as your mind unwinds.  


An ancient, safe and effective holistic therapy which activates the body’s own natural healing abilities, to explore and balance the whole body via the zones on the soles of each foot or palm of each hand. We use a series of special pressure techniques to soothe or stimulate reflex points on the feet or hands which correspond to all the structures, tissues, organs, glands and systems of the body. Always includes a deeply renewing foot massage, easing tired feet back into the world.  


The other worldly-ness of a reiki session with our masters have been described as profound and deeply relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time. We can see it on our guests faces when leaving the treatment, a new level of letting go! Can be a clothes on no touch energy treatment. 

 You Choose  

A beautifully bespoke massage created for you to be whatever you need using skilful therapeutic techniques to deliver the ultimate massage experience.  


Specialist therapies  

Peace Out Facial – £60 for 45 minutes

Deeply cleanse, deeply moisturise, deeply chilled. Luxe products, soothing moves and utter relaxation leaving you with a super calm vibe and a glowing, natural lift.  

Chill Me: CBD Massage – £65 for 45 minutes  

Using the highest quality CBD oils and the slowest, dreamiest pace we’ll restore homeostasis, ease joints and encourage untroubled movement with passive stretches and deep muscle work.  

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