Nathan Outlaw

We’re delighted to welcome back Nathan Outlaw to Rock Oyster 2024. With a stellar reputation and multiple Michelin stars under his belt, Nathan is a master of seafood cuisine, and his menus are a delectable journey through the best catches from the Cornish coast, all prepared with his signature touch of understated brilliance.

Nathan has held multiple Michelin stars across his network of exquisite seafood restaurants. His fish-forward menus offer diners the opportunity to try the very best catches from the Cornish coast, prepared with typically understated brilliance. Moving to Cornwall, a turning point for Nathan came when he began working under Rick Stein at the Seafood Restaurant in Padstow. He cites the two years he spent working there as the most significant learning experience in his career.

In addition to Outlaw’s New Road and the Michelin-starred Outlaw’s Fish Kitchen in Port Isaac, Nathan opened up his guest house last year. If you are looking for somewhere to stay in our neck of the woods, we heartily recommend checking it out. Nathan has published five cookbooks of his own, Nathan Outlaw’s British Seafood (2012), Nathan Outlaw’s Fish Kitchen (2014), Nathan Outlaw’s Everyday Seafood (2016) and Restaurant Nathan Outlaw (2019) and Fish for Dinner (2023).