Mischief the Mermaid

Mischief the Mermaid works as a professional Mermaid and Underwater performer for photographers and artists. At home in Cornwall she enjoys teaching the joys of mermaid Freediving to lots of other merfolk wanting to embrace their inner mermagic. Build an even greater connection to the ocean with a little mermagic. It is all about believing in yourself.  

Mischief’s storytelling is a magical collection of stories influenced by real life events she has experienced while diving in the Cornish Sea. All related to ocean conservation or mental health, they end with an example of hope for the future, and motivation to learn more about our amazing coastlines and oceans.     

Mischief’s Creative workshops offer a journey to neverland and mermaid dreams through sound, stories, creative play and make believe. While introducing vital information on ocean Conservation and mental and physical health practices and exercise.  

Mischief’s Ocean spells come from years of freediving, Cold water swimming, dance and competitive swim training. Mischief has found the core source of her abilities are with in her meditation, creative mind set and breath work.  

 “The Sounds of the Sea” Mermaid Music & Rhythm Workshop 

Using instruments, music and vocal work. Mischief the Mermaid will be looking at the dynamics of the natural worlds rhythms and showing our Little Fish some ways in which we can use them to calm or energise ourselves. 

Mermaid Manifesting – “Ocean Spells” 

How to attract positive energy from the ocean and find your own Mer-magic to be brave throughout life’s little challenges.  

Bedtime Stories with Mischief the Mermaid 

A very calm session reading a story from a book and looking at the pictures. Talking about our day and preparing our bodies and minds for a peaceful rest and mermaid filled dreams.