Masterclass – Vodka Cocktails


Date: Sat Jul 30th

Porthilly Spirit make their spirits from first principles starting with sugar beet straight from the ground. This allows them to control every aspect of their award-winning spirits. In this Masterclass, they will explain the philosophy behind what they do, why their spirits are so smooth, and let you try them and discover the flavour profiles. They’ll take you through the perfect Bloody Mary, Vodka Martinez, and Espresso Martini with some for you to try too.  

  • Take attendees through a little bit of the history of Porthilly Spirit. 
  • How and why we started, why the gin is recipe 40. 
  • Our guiding principles. Sustainability, regenerative agriculture 
  • A commitment to making our spirits from first principles, ie we start with a raw ingredient and go from there. 
  • How we make our spirits, why they are so smooth followed by a walk through each of our core brand 
  • Vodka is made from British Sugar beet. Why we use this, the single-pass distillation process. (vodka tasting) 
  • Cocktails. We will then make some of our signature cocktails with each of the spirits. 
  • The ‘perfect’ Bloody Mary, with little Bloody Mary’s for the attendees. 

This activity is for persons over the age of 18 only. Please drink responsibly. Participants will get 3-4 cocktails and a discount code to redeem in the Porthilly Spirit shop.