Date: Sat Jul 31st

John Thorpe is a top notch didgeridoo player from Cornwall, whose vibrant sound reflects his love of traditional Aboriginal music and western dance music.

​John’s music is “evocative, expressive and exciting”. He creates melodic and powerful grooves, nuanced with colour and subtle tones. He plays the yidaki (didgeridoo) along with foot stomping rhythms to create dance beats and uplifting music. The yidaki is an ancient Aborignal woodwind instrument from Australia, originating at least 2000 years ago. John captures that timeless sound in a contemporary style. As a multi-instrumentalist his live shows and recordings incorporate didgeridoo solos or mixing it up with drum beats, clapsticks, shakers and mouth harp. Blue Ocean, white sands and secret reverberant caves on the dramatic Cornish coastline is the backdrop for John’s inspirational playing.

​John is a didge player of some repute whose virtuoso skills have taken many venues by storm with his intriguing sounds and foot pulsating beats. He has performed and blended the yidaki with folk music, opera, dance clubs and DJs. His distinctive sound has opened the door to some interesting venues such as The London National Theatre for UK TV (John Torode), the Eden Project and the lavish event held by The Mansion with London DJs, Fabrizia and Joffrey. John has also played among world class didge players at the UK didge festival scene, ran by Ant Scot. In 2019 John performed with the group White Rose with Samuel Jenkins (tenor), Christina Jones (soprano) and Jonathon Bielby (keyboards) at the Minack Theatre in Cornwall for Jonathon’s environmental operatic production ‘This Precious Earth’.


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