Hotch Potch Performance

Hotch Potch are an outdoor arts company based in Cornwall. Blending circus, street theatre, and visual arts to create spectacular yet intimate works. From fire and glow shows to stilt walking and storytelling, this husband and wife team makes environmentally-focused art for all ages. 

Hotch Potch will be popping up around the site across the weekend at Rock Oyster, plus there’s a chance to build your very own outfits for the Secret Garden Fashion on Saturday 30th with them at 12pm in the Jellyfish Tent!  

Look out for Detritus of the Deep! 

He comes in the form of a strange spirit, draped from head to toe, embodied and bound by human waste found at the depths of the ocean. He roams this strange world above the surface with an important message for its people. Detritus of the deep is a stilt-walking visual display that boldly communicates the problems our waste is creating in the ocean. He reminds us we can do better and we should. 

Detritus of the Deep is an unspoken spectacular yet intimate performance. Opening a conversation between audience members about our impact on the natural world. A strikingly visual solo stilt walking act that comes equipped with its own soundscape which echoes the sounds of the sea and the voices of those trying to make a difference. Follow the giant bubbles!

Or the lesser spotted Lady Rose… 

A living statue act, all in white with roses cascading down and all around. Lady Rose is a rare beauty celebrating the natural world, changing seasons, and new beginnings. In full bloom, see her come to life for passers-by, providing plenty of interaction and blooming rosy photo opportunities for all.  Lady Rose will be leading the parade of gardeners from the Jellyfish Tent to The Sea Creature Fashion Show on Saturday at 2pm.

And not to forget Seemore Gardens the Head Gardener! 

A larger-than-life character with an exceptionally big love for gardening and all things green!  He loves his plants so much he can’t get away from them and will normally be found with at least a pocket full of primroses or a hat full of herbaceous perennials, depending on how the season’s turn. Seemore will be giving out free flower seeds or seed bombs to anyone else who wants to spread some flower power and also leading the parade for the Secret Garden Fashion Show on Saturday at 2pm!  

Secret Garden Fashion Show Outfit Making Workshop (Jellyfish Tent, 12pm on Saturday) 

Come and join Hotch Potch for a junk-making workshop helping you to create your outfits for the Secret Garden Fashion Show!  With an array of flower fashion accessories and all things ‘Avant Garden’, you’ll get the chance to show off your creativity in the Secret Garden Parade and Fashion Show leaving from the Jellyfish Tent straight after.  Special prizes for the most supreme flower headdresses, curious carrots, and the queen of all bees!