Garuda Yoga Nidra – Your Wellness Ocean

Experience the transformative power of Garuda – Traditional Yoga Nidra, a profound meditative practice that goes beyond mere relaxation.

Practiced lying down, Yoga Nidra guides you into altered states of consciousness where your body enters a deep sleep while your awareness remains fully present. This ancient technique, is designed to foster awakening and enlightenment through a state of conscious sleep.

Please note, Yoga Nidra is contraindicated for individuals living with and/or having been diagnosed with severe depression and severe mental health conditions.


With her rich Greek heritage in wellness and mind-body connection, Alexandra Grigoriou brings over 16 years of experience in trauma-informed bodywork, yoga, dance, and movement. Based in Cornwall for the past 3.5 years, she has been supporting the community through her business, Your Wellness Ocean. Central to her philosophy is the belief that “the smartest thing in the room is the wisdom of our own bodies.” Alexandra shares tools through movement classes, yoga, bodywork, and trauma healing modalities to help you reconnect with your visceral intelligence.

Alexandra is a trained , qualified and insured

• Trauma-informed holistic bodyworker (Traditional Thai Yoga Massage, Swedish, Relaxation, Reflexology & holistic facials)

• Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist

• TRE (Tension & Trauma Releasing exercises) provider

• Professional dancer and dance teacher

• Yoga teacher

• Meditation and

• Yoga Nidra facilitator