Callum Kenworthy

Callum Kenworthy is a 29 year artist based in Falmouth, Cornwall. Callum has developed a unique style of guitar playing blending both modern and more established flamenco, percussive techniques and incorporated them into his indie folk style of writing. Callum is inspired by vast range of cultures including African, Latin and of course Celtic, exploring different rhythmic and melodic patterns, and incorporates this into a unique modern folk sound.
Callum’s songwriting is all drawn from closely personal experiences within the relationships in his life, be that, romantic, friendships or family. Portraying subjects such as love, loss, self growth, identity, values and opinions on current social constructs. Callum says “ I feel a responsibility to write about the way I perceive the world I live in. I believe that, as humans we are all far more similar than we realise. I think sharing our experiences and emotions will only help us realise this and ultimately bring us closer.