Breathwork & Anthony Mullally


Date: Sun Jul 31st

Join Anthony for a functional breathing workshop. The breathing is something we can’t go longer than a few minutes without, yet the importance of functional breathing mechanics. Correct breathing mechanics can help us live optimally, give us more control over our nervous system, and also combat stress. With Anthony you will: 

  • a deep dive into the physiology of the breath
  • learn practical tools to combat stress/activate the bodies relaxation response
  • learn how to use the breath to create adaptations

Anthony Mullally works with men and women to help them rebuild a lost connection to the natural world, their purpose, and one another. 

Alongside a successful rugby career consisting of more than 200 senior appearances, two world cups and one super league grand final trophy, Anthony’s work is aimed at breaking down stereotypes and rebuilding the integrity of masculinity in the modern world. 

Applying integrative practices including breathwork, ceremony, cold-immersion and mindfulness, his mission is to help others rediscover their connection to their authentic selves and the natural world we live in.