Barretts Privateers


Date: Sun Jul 31st

Hailing from the Cornish side of the beautiful Tamar Valley, Barrett’s Privateers are a group of friends who have been drawn together by their love of singing and a desire to maintain the tradition of singing in pubs. As such, members of Barrett’s Privateers have been leading Shouts (as part of Shout Kernow/Shout East) in pubs in South East Cornwall for several years, but have now come together as an official group to enable them to perform at events and festivals. This mixed crew, with   ages ranging from early 20s to 60+, all share a love of land-based (Cornish and Folk) and sea-faring songs and shanties. Offering a wonderful blend of male and female voices, and helmed by their captain, Gideon Barrett, with his vast knowledge of traditional songs, Barrett’s   Privateers are hoping to bring power and harmony to the fore.