Day Splits have landed. Day Tickets on sale now..

27 April 2023

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It’s only THREE MONTHS to the day that we welcome y’all to Dinham House! To celebrate, we’re chuffed to unveil this year’s day splits.. Time to start sorting your weekend and plan who you’ll be dancing along to. We’ve also sprinkled a few new musical additions in for good measure! Can you spot ’em?

Join us for a weekend of electrifying music and unforgettable memories. Kick start the weekend by dancing the night away with the iconic GROOVE ARMADA, watch an actual living legend NILE RODGERS & CHIC on Saturday night and round off the weekend with kitchen disco queen supreme SOPHIE ELLIS BEXTOR. It’s gonna be one heck of a weekend and we want you there!

Tickets are RUNNING LOW folks.. LAST REMAINING Tier Three available now, be warned these will be gone very, very soon!

We’ve still got some really exciting new plans up our sleeves to tell you about over the next few months. Counting down the days y’all..

Big love

RO x

Dydh-an-splijowow dowlodh yw lowr hag yth esa ow kavos ynwedh! Kevadow diwedhes an dydhow gans nowodhow tikketa dhyworth an dydhow yw ow sala!

Yth esa tri mis dhe’n dydh dhe’n le ma a’n gwelcomewgh oll dhe Dinhewgh! Dhyworth an gewans, ni a wra ow kavos an dydhow splijowow dhe’n bledhen ma.. Termyn dhe screffa bos dhe vos kavos aga whedhel ha pledhya gans. Ni a leverel gans dyskans nev, nev warbydn! Agas yw bos kavos Tiers ‘Ter’ dhe’n diwettha, mar pleg!

Dre wra ow kavos ow peuw an dydhow dhe vos kellys heb mar pleg! Amser diweth, mar pleg! Dre wra ow kavos an Tiers ‘Ter’ dhe’n diwettha y’n gews ma, mar pleg dhe’n diwettha a’n pow!